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Message from the MD


Happy New Year 2024. It is a pleasure to lead this prestigious organization as a Managing Director which is appointed by Grameen Bank board of directors on January 04, 2024. As per my long experience with this bank at the different level of operations and administration, i will try to serve this organization as a best way by all of our engagement. From the beginning of the year, our main mission will be to achieve and implement a 10-priority programs that we already announced at the field level. Also aiming to improve employee engagement, we are promoting organizational reforms and the creation of a work environment that we can be proud of, where diverse human resources can work with enthusiasm and play an active role. For 2024, we must continue to stay focused on scaling our business. We need to enhance our ability to respond effectively and efficiently. We must strengthen our relationship with the key business partners Grameen Bank borrowers, our key motivational staff. We think, it also a year in which we were able to take on many challenges and were able to make significant progress. I would like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to the borrowers, employees, board of directors for standing fast with the organization through many trying times. I am also grateful to Professor Fr. A K M Saiful Majid, Honorable Chairman of the board, for mentoring, guiding and advising me for my new role. 


Thank you,

Mr. Nur Mohammad

Managing Director