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loan Product Details

Struggling (Beggar) Member Loan

  • To reach out to the beggars, Grameen Bank has adopted a special social responsibility program called “Struggling Members Program” which was started in July 2002. “Begging” is considered the last resort of a poor person. The beggars’ cluster includes the disabled, the blind, and the handicapped as well as the sick elderly.
  • The purpose of the program is to provide financial support services to the beggars to assist them to find out a dignified livelihood. It is considered not only as a financial service but also as a social movement at a wide range.
  • The Grameen Bank does not push for the cessation of begging, but, with the help of this interest-free loan, it creates a financial capacity so that one does not have to beg. The bank desires to assure that no one in Grameen Bank's village begs for survival.
  • The loan is approved to the eligible person according to the following criteria: Actual situation of the person and ability to repay through income, not from begging money. 
  • The existing rules of Grameen Bank do not apply to beggar members. All loans will be interest-free.
  • These loans are automatically insured without any premium and are paid off from the insurance fund in case of death.