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Grameen Bank’s internship aims to educate and involve bright young minds from all over the world in the field of the Grameen model of microfinance.

Why internship at Grameen Bank?

Grameen Bank internship program is open, flexible and ideal for students to understand organizational characters, its structure, operation methods, marketing aspects, collateral fee banking, women empowerment and poverty reduction philosophy.

Getting internship at Grameen Bank enables you to get involved in the following activities:

  1. Global Exposure

A chance to work as well as gaining cultural competency and learning from people with different nationalities and diverse cultural backgrounds.

  1. Learn Grameen philosophy

Grameen kind of microfinance is a unique method of banking system. By different lecture sessions, interns get the opportunity to understand the method and learn the total impact on society.

      (C) Job Experience

By joining the internship programme, interns get the opportunity to contribute to office activities of Grameen Bank, enabling them to learn about day-to-day office tasks.

  1. Exploring others practitioners

There will also be the chance to meet different Microfinance Institute (MFI) practitioners and replicators.

  1. Field visit

The most interesting and unique part of the internship is the field visit in rural areas, which is shared directly with the borrowers.

Program Duration


This can be from three weeks up to three months.

Kind of Internship

It is an unpaid internship focused on assigned works and studying Grameen type of microfinance.




English. For other languages, interns can hire interpreters.


Grameen Internship is unpaid and all other costs (travel, accommodation, food and miscellaneous) need to be covered by the interns themselves. Grameen Bank does not provide any financial support or assistance.

Work Description/ Internship Context:

  • Practical work experience with a renowned multinational company
  • Opportunity to learn, explore and proof capabilities at a Global Scale
  • Opportunity to develop skills under experienced & professional mentors
  • Global exposure to job responsibilities
  • Fulfils tasks set out by supervisors from the assigned department
  • Attend meetings and take minutes
  • Perform operational, strategic and research tasks under a supervisor's instruction
  • Participate to workshops, group discussions, findings and self/group presentations
  • Preparation of business project profile
  • Preparation of budgeting and planning for 3 years for any of the branches
  • Practical work in office management
  • Write a case study
  • Field visit and group wise activities.


 Educational Requirements:

  • Undergraduate and graduate intake students
  • Students from any reputed university
  • Students from any discipline are welcomed to apply
  • Both males and females are allowed to apply
  • Eager to learn and work with a development organization
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office Suit (email. word, excel, PowerPoint).


  • Different publications
  • Digital publications
  • Reports and journals
  • Video documentary, PPT.


Application Instructions

International students

  • Please apply at least 1 month before your intended starting date
  • If you are selected, we will confirm your slot three weeks before the starting date
  •  Confirm visa and accommodation.


Bangladeshi students

A proper application (CGP 2.5 and above) should include your resume, a recommendation letter from your University (For Bangladeshi University) and the Internship application form (which is available hard copy and soft copy).


  • University and industry supervisors’ linkages
  • Students need to come for the 50 marks MCQ exam
  • Make a merit list as 70% of achieved marks
  • Report submission
  • Evaluation of the students on prescribe form, which is supply by their University.
  • Certification.

Internship Program Schedule/Itinerary

*This schedule is purely an outline and should not necessarily dictate the intern schedule. It is merely an aid to guide the intern in obtaining well-rounded experience at Grameen Bank

Part: One

            Application Process

  1. Communicate with local and foreign university.
  2. Collect request letter, CV and recommendation letter.
  3. Primary briefing (Bangladeshi student).
  4. Q/A via Email (specific to foreign students).
  5. Confirm Dates (Required for both local and foreign students).
  6. Send Acceptance Letter (Specific to Bangladeshi students)
  7. Send confirmation letter (Specific to foreign students).


Part: Two

25 sessions and Field Program

Day- 01:          Welcome reception, introducing, registration, briefing, video watching and discussion on program.

                        Session-1: PPT presentation on GB.

Day- 02:          Session-2: PPT on GB Operational Procedure with discussion.

Session-3: Book study. (Jorimon & Others, Participation as process and procession as growth.)

Day- 03:          Session-4: PPT on GB Loan Products, its impact and discussion.

Case Study and Voluntary Work for department.

Day- 04:          Session-5: PPT on GB Savings Products. Discussion of its impact.

Session-6: Video watching.

Day- 05:          Session-7: PPT on GB Marketing Policy with a discussion.

                        Session-8: PPT on GB Default Management with a discussion.

Case Study and Voluntary Work for department.

Day- 06:          Session-9: PPT on GB Special Program with a discussion.

 Day- 07:         Session-10: PPT on GB Human resource policy.

Book Study and Voluntary Work for department.

Day- 08:          Session-11: PPT on GB replication at home and abroad.

                        Session-12: Visit Grameen Health Care Centre & Training Centre.

Day- 09:          Session-13: PPT on GB Socio-Economic Development Program (18 Decisions and 12 Indicator).

Book Study and Voluntary Work for department.

Day- 10:          Session-14: Discuss and Briefing for Overnight Stay Field visit. Arrange logistics.

Day- 11-15:    Session-15:   Field visit and Overnight Stay for 5 days.

  • Visit centre meetings.
  • Visit borrower houses and business.
  • Visit micro enterprise project.
  • Visit new entrepreneur project.
  • Write case study.
  • Visit higher education loan recipient.
  • Visit scholarship students.
  • Visit local katcha bazer.
  • Visit local school.
  • Visit one colleague house (nearest).
  • Play football/cricket/board with children.
  • Visit AO, ZAO, ZO and MIS Centre.

Day- 16:          Session-16: Post field visit review.

          Session-1:7 Group discussion, findings and presentation.

Day- 17:          Session-18: Urban microfinance project visit.

          Session-19: Project proposal form practice.

Day- 18:          Session-20: Feasibility study, budget and planning practice.

         Session-21: Departmental meeting.

Day- 19:          Session-22: Workshop on etiquette, table manner, meeting manner, corporate culture, dinner etiquette, presentation etiquette.

          Session-22: Departmental meeting.

Day- 20:          Session-24: Workshop and group presentation.

  • Meeting with Honourable Chairman and MD sir.
  • Photo secession.
  • MCQ exam.

Part: Three

            Final Day Deliverables

Day- 21: Session-25: Final Review

  • Report submits.
  • Grading.
  • Certificate collection.
  • Farewell photo session.

N.B: If interns would like to stay for more weeks then both we discuss and plan for works as their needs. This time they also work for the department as a volunteer.