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Induction Training Course

Recruitment is an ongoing process of the Grameen Bank. Two types of employees are recruited in Grameen Bank, Center Manager and Branch Manager.


1.1    Trainee Center Manager:

  • The educational qualification of Center Manager is HSC or equivalent.
  • Most of them have no previous job experience.
  • Duration of the training is 2 months.
  • Classroom Training (7 days) and rest field training.


 1.2   Trainee Branch Manager:

  • Minimum educational qualification of Trainee Branch Manager is Masters.
  • Most of them are fresh graduates.
  • Duration of the training is 3 months.
  • Classroom training (12 days) and rest field training.


A trainee is trained in the basic activities of Grameen Bank, operational procedure, and accounting system through induction training. At the end of this period, a center manager has to manage a center with a maximum of 600 members and a branch manager has to manage a branch consisting of about 5000-6000 members with 5-7 employees.


The following are some of the methods to assess trainee employees:

  • Presence/visit of the employee at the village, 
  • Observing day-to-day activities at the branch and in­-house instant speech, 
  • Subject-wise analysis, 
  • Troubleshooting and assignment.


Written and oral exams are to be held on circular, rules & accounts. Those who successfully pass this exam can get an appointment as a Center Manager/ Branch Manager.